IEIM Corp — That is, I am

Our Mission

To match qualified applicants, who have made the conscious decision to seek career training in a specified field, to one of our client schools on an exclusive basis that will best suit their needs.

Our focus is to find the right applicant at the right place at the right time in the most effective and efficient way, and nurture the relationship until they have explicitly expressed a desire to communicate with the school.

Our Deliverables

We deliver nurtured, qualified, verified and validated applicants to our schools whether that be as a warm transfer, call verified lead and/or web lead.

We verify all leads through multiple digital touch points through the decision making cycle in addition to delivering call verified leads and warm transfers. Our programs embrace Healthcare, IT, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Gaming, Criminal Justice and trades such as Electrical, Automotive and HVAC.

Targeting, Nurturing and Optimization

Through our multi-channel digital marketing initiatives, we target specific consumer behaviors, lifestyles and actions identifying applicants most likely to enroll and suited to our client schools.

Our ongoing nurturing of these leads throughout their decision making cycle, from recognizing a problem to realizing what they want and need, lends itself to a quality applicant.

Our ongoing surveys of applicants and students (upon enrollment) as requested by our clients, provide further feedback and input to our statistical models, to further optimize our marketing programs.

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Lower Costs per Start and Greater Efficiencies

Our proprietary algorithms, machine learning techniques and statistical modeling constantly evolve and enables our client schools to decrease their cost per start significantly while increase their enrollments by delivering their message at the right time to the right people in a way that will clearly resonate.

This echo-system coupled with diligent nurturing protocols ensures an efficient and effective lead generation process. This results in a lower cost per lead, which in turn benefits our clients while simultaneously improving conversion rates. A better cost per lead and a better conversion rate has a multiplying positive effect on the cost per start.

We ensure additional financial benefits to the school in that the school can optimize and focus its deployment of valuable-admissions and financial aid personnel/resources to quality leads.

Students in the hall

Id Est, I aM — Putting Your Students First

At IEIM Corp, we embrace opening prospective students’ minds to all the wonderful possibilities of our world that lay before them. Our situations shape our futures. That is (“id est” in Latin), we become what we choose to be (“I am”).

We appreciate that it is all about them, your students … and their success in your program.

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