Our Commitment to You, Our Valued Clients

For Our Training Institution Partners, we endeavor to send applicants to you who will benefit from your training and education programs while you also assist them, as a complimentary service, in your graduate job placement initiatives

For your Students to be better prepared leads to better job opportunities. A better job leads to a better career. A better career should lead to personal enrichment and a self-belief and self-approval. This leads to an opening of the mind embracing all the wonderful possibilities of our world that then lay before them. We appreciate it is all about them…. your student.

That is, I am.

That is what we are all about at IEIM Corp.

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Today, our lives are inter connected through the web via social media and with many billion devices connected to the “Internet of things.” This makes things more convenient albeit with a trade-off of increased vulnerability.

Cyberattacks and espionage are costly to the U.S. and global economy where cyber breaches now cost the global economy several trillion dollars. Amongst others, health care, financial-services, and manufacturing are sectors of interest for hackers due to of the huge quantity of personal information, and potential monetary gain that can result from extorting this information.