Our Commitment to You, Our Valued Clients

To Our Partner Employers: We provide you access to our database of resumes and information of our training and education institutions’ graduates to help match a range of candidates ready for entry-level employment. You will have the ability to post on our free job board increasing exposure while enjoying direct access to these institutions.

To Our Training Institution Partners: We endeavor to send applicants to you who will benefit from our training and education programs while also assisting, as a complimentary service, in your graduate job placement initiatives

For your students to be better prepared leads to better job opportunities. A better job leads to a better career. A better career should lead to personal enrichment and a self-belief and self-approval. This leads to an opening of the mind embracing all the wonderful possibilities of our world that then lay before them.

That is, am.

That is what we are all about at IEIM Corp.

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