We are IEIM Corp, a boutique, private firm that helps you, our client training institution find qualified individuals seeking a more fulfilling career. We utilize current effective technology to help optimize our processes.

We founded our company in late 2009, and most of our team has been in the industry since 1999. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the current Internet technologies and systems related to lead generation initiatives.

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Today, our lives are inter connected through the web via social media and with many billion devices connected to the “Internet of things.” This makes things more convenient albeit with a trade-off of increased vulnerability.

Cyberattacks and espionage are costly to the U.S. and global economy where cyber breaches now cost the global economy several trillion dollars. Amongst others, health care, financial-services, and manufacturing are sectors of interest for hackers due to of the huge quantity of personal information, and potential monetary gain that can result from extorting this information.