About IEIM Corp

That Is, I Am — Warm Transfers for Emerging Careers

We are a boutique, privately held lead-transfer firm committed to helping educational institutions find qualified individuals who seek a more fulfilling career.

Our Core Value

Always putting our client schools and their students first

– Les Nicholaeff

Our History

We founded IEIM Corp in late 2009 to support universities and career schools’ enrollment and online curriculum development goals. As most of our team has been in the industry since 1999, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of current digital technologies with our focus on lead generation. Over time, we have refined our student-centric, science-backed approach to lead nurturing, delivering qualified prospects at a lower cost-per-enrollment.

Today, we place an emphasis on emerging and growth career markets most in need of passionate career-seekers. In a heavily digital world where prospective students are inundated with information, we understand the importance of supporting their self-belief and self-approval.

This became our driving philosophy as we enabled training institutions to fill their pipeline with students who were eager to thrive… thus empowering lucrative industries with no-nonsense strategies and reliable warm lead transfers, web leads and call-verified leads. 

Schools We’ve Partnered With


Let us go forward together

– Winston Churchill

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We’d be honored to discuss your institution’s unique enrollment goals and how we could help you optimize your lead flow and lower your cost-per-start. Please fill out the form below with any questions, and we’ll respond with more details.
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Today, our lives are inter connected through the web via social media and with many billion devices connected to the “Internet of things.” This makes things more convenient albeit with a trade-off of increased vulnerability.

Cyberattacks and espionage are costly to the U.S. and global economy where cyber breaches now cost the global economy several trillion dollars. Amongst others, health care, financial-services, and manufacturing are sectors of interest for hackers due to of the huge quantity of personal information, and potential monetary gain that can result from extorting this information.