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Your educational institution deserves to connect with bright prospects avidly seeking a lucrative new career — that is, your best students who are ready to say, “I am eager to join your program!” At IEIM Corp, we’re here to help you open those doors with a lower cost-per-enrollment and a predictable pipeline of warm lead transfers. 

As your partner in lead generation, we leverage our unique blend of data-driven tactics, multi-channel marketing, and AI technology to deliver your best prospects. Throughout the process, we enrich each student’s journey toward self-belief and self-approval…ultimately bringing them to your door.

To get started, inquire further or book a discovery call. We’re happy to share more information, answer your questions, or offer a no-obligation trial.

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Today, our lives are inter connected through the web via social media and with many billion devices connected to the “Internet of things.” This makes things more convenient albeit with a trade-off of increased vulnerability.

Cyberattacks and espionage are costly to the U.S. and global economy where cyber breaches now cost the global economy several trillion dollars. Amongst others, health care, financial-services, and manufacturing are sectors of interest for hackers due to of the huge quantity of personal information, and potential monetary gain that can result from extorting this information.