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We specialize in call verified leads, warm transfers, and web leads  for IT and Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Gaming, Criminal Justice and Selected Trades programs that offer excellent career potential — and that currently experience decent costs-per-start.

System administrator working on cyber security in data center

IT and Cybersecurity

While we provide warm leads for a wide range of IT programs, our flagship program specialty in IT is cybersecurity, which is becoming a vital profession in this digital age. To support this emerging industry, many universities, vocational schools, and training centers are offering cybersecurity education, from certifications to master’s degrees.

As demand currently exceeds enrollment, IEIM is committed to helping cybersecurity programs find the best and brightest career-seekers to fill their ranks. 

Healthcare, and Administration

As healthcare facilities become more sophisticated, we help meet demand by partnering with the schools that will educate the next generation of professionals and administrators in a wide range of services for medical providers. We strive to warm up your school’s ideal prospects in this competitive lead market.

Three healthcare colleagues
Businesswomen doing administration

Many Great Programs

We also empower schools offering Business Administration, Graphic Design, Gaming, Criminal Justice and/or Selected Trades such as Electrical, Automotive and HVAC to connect with potential students in these fields of interest. 

Our individualized lead nurturing approach brings emerging talent to our programs that best suit their strengths and goals.

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Classy, Clever Strategies to Streamline Your Enrollment

We know how important it is for your institution to have a reliable pipeline of qualified applicants. Your program offers exceptional career opportunities for your students. At IEIM, we firmly believe that better opportunities lead to better jobs … and in turn, better careers.

It benefits everyone when your school can enroll your best students for a lower cost-per-start, which is why IEIM uses an optimized, student-centric marketing ecosystem to transfer warm leads straight into your pipeline.

Together, we will support these emerging industries. At IEIM, we empower both you and your students to achieve your goals. 


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