Our Solutions

We designed our Training-Job-Career Relationship eco-system to enhance the enrichment journey for the individual considering either training or a job or both. We designed our system and protocols to benefit the individual, training institution and employer.

For our lead generation side of the business, we focus on generating traffic directed to our client-program-location specific landing pages and/or via incoming calls. The traffic is a result of multi-channel marketing embracing PPC on the search and content networks, banners, localized website placements, and a suite of emails using machine-learning techniques.

For our employment side of the business, graduates benefit by publishing their resumes and additional information in our recruitment database thereby providing access to our employer partners. Additionally they can search the list of available jobs that would match their attributes.

Likewise, our employer partners can search our database for local candidates while having access to the placement staff at our school/training clients. They would post their jobs on our proprietary niche market-oriented job-board.

Our focus is to expose the market to training and job opportunities, and show a way for them to optimize their needs. We provide the way and they make the decision which way to go.

After all, it is about the individual… That is…. am…. Our IEIM Corp belief.

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