Our Solutions

We designed our Marketing Eco-system to enhance the enrichment journey for the individual considering training with the ultimate goal of a a career and job. We designed our system and protocols to benefit both the individual and training institution.

The key for us is to identify and reach out to individuals wanting and needing specific training and development that we are able to offer through our training partners.


We generate and nurture warm transfers and leads to our clients resulting from our strategic initiatives  multi-channel marketing including search, PPC, content, and social media as appropriate. We utilize data driven methods embracing AI/ machine-learning techniques to make our efforts more effective and efficient..

Our focus is to expose the applicants to training (and ultimately job opportunities), and show a possible pathway for them to optimize their needs. We provide the way and they make the decision which way to go.

After all, it is about the individual… That is…. I am…. Our IEIM Corp belief.

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Today, our lives are inter connected through the web via social media and with many billion devices connected to the “Internet of things.” This makes things more convenient albeit with a trade-off of increased vulnerability.

Cyberattacks and espionage are costly to the U.S. and global economy where cyber breaches now cost the global economy several trillion dollars. Amongst others, health care, financial-services, and manufacturing are sectors of interest for hackers due to of the huge quantity of personal information, and potential monetary gain that can result from extorting this information.